Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is an alternative to litigation or mediation for the divorcing couple. It allows you to keep control of decision-making and ensuring privacy, while promoting respectful and direct communication. Using a team comprised of a collaborative attorney, divorce coach, neutral financial specialist and child specialist, you will jointly craft an agreement that fosters long-term cooperation.

Instead of pitting two sides against each other legally, this process brings you, your partner, and all the necessary professionals together in a joint effort to create a collaborative, not adversarial, divorce.

In this process I will be your divorce coach. We will:

  • identify underlying goals to help find better solutions
  • understand different perspectives
  • resolve emotional crises if they arise
  • model healthy and constructive communication
  • assure a respectful problem-solving environment

To learn more or to start the collaborative divorce process, please call me at (773) 234-1575 or email at

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